What Makes Santa Claus Such a Business Success Story?

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Christmas is coming and we all expect to see the jolly guy in the red suit reappearing at this time of the year – Santa Claus is synonymous with Christmas and one of the first things that we think of when we imagine what makes Christmas.

Stories of Santa go back centuries and although he goes by different names all around the world, surely his toy workshop is one of the biggest success stories for a business in history! Here are some of the things that make Santa such a business success…

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The Right Staff – Santa Claus hires Elves who are notoriously hard working and great with fiddly jobs like toy making. He knows the importance of having the right team to work with. Businesses who are successful will know that contract packing services like Wyepack and staff with the right skills and attributes are a big part of their success.

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A Good Attitude – Having the right attitude is essential in business. Making a success of your business comes in part from having a positive attitude and a determination to succeed – definitely something that Santa has, as he delivers millions of toys around the world in a night!

Marketing – Santa has built one of the world’s biggest brands and is easily recognisable worldwide – something that all good marketing campaigns aim to do! An easily recognisable figure and brand is of course a success story, and a mark of quality and familiarity.


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