Hiring Security: Armed or Unarmed?

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In this day and age, protection for yourself and those around you is nearly priceless. Whether you’re looking for personal protection or want additional security for your business, it’s important to decide now if you need armed security guards. If you’re still on the fence about which Fort Worth security companies to consider, here’s a quick look at the difference between armed and unarmed security.

Armed Security

Armed security is ideal for locations with high rates of crime, especially if the criminals in the area typically carry dangerous weapons themselves. If your home, business clientele, products or assets are potentially high targets for theft or destruction, the added protection of armed security guards can make all the difference in a serious emergency. Laws for armed security vary from state to state, so it’s important to be aware of any firearms regulations you and your security guards will need to follow before completing the hiring process.

Unarmed Security

Unarmed security is a good solution for any business or individual in need of added protection but not commonly faced with life-threatening danger. Though they don’t carry any firearms, unarmed security guards are an excellent deterrent for potential threats and can immediately reach out to local police or other emergency responders if a situation escalates. If you ever need to increase your level of security, you may be able to have your security guards licensed to carry firearms if they are not already authorized. Once you’ve done this and adhere to any additional regulations and licensing needs, you can make the upgrade to armed security.

The need for professional security in the face of potential harm is unfortunate, but the ability to customize your line of protection is extremely beneficial to you and those around you. No matter which type of guard you choose, hiring professional security is a great way to give those you care for peace of mind.


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