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Picture the scene – you have a property that you no longer live in and you want to utilise it as a rental property to give yourself an extra income stream and keep the property as a financial investment, but you don’t want the hassle of having to deal with tenant issues and having to chase them for their rent.

A standard letting agent acts as your advertising and vetting tool for your rental property. Once you have met with your chosen agent, they will visit your property to help determine what the best rental price will be for your property type and location. When you need Letting Agents Gloucester, take a look at https://www.thomasandthomasproperty.co.uk/

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After they have agreed a rental amount with you they will then take some pictures (much like an estate agent does when you are selling your property) and will then begin to market your property to the rental market. This may include advertising in the local paper, on the agents own website as well as other property websites that they may be affiliated to. Most letting agents will now also make the most of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be able to reach as many potential tenants as they can.

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When someone is interested in renting your property the agent will arrange a viewing and will take them around the property. Once they find a tenant that wants to move in they will make all the arrangements to make any of the necessary background checks as well as getting them to sign a tenancy agreement and taking care of any deposit requirements.


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