How to make the perfect kitchen

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If money was not an object what would your perfect kitchen look like? Would you want to have a rustic farmhouse kitchen look or the clean and clinical modern appliance filled paradise that we see on TV?

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Whatever you decide here are a few pointers as to what you can add on to make it really special.

  1. A Range or AGA style oven. The modern conventional oven only has space for a few trays. With a range oven you can have bread and cakes baking in one section whilst the main dinner is done in the central oven. On the hob you have six instead of the usual four burners.
  2. Downlight covers. Not the first choice but they are great at keeping the heat in the house and reducing draughts. Downlights are a beautiful addition for your lighting needs in the kitchen. Go to Thermahood Direct to get some.

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  1. USA style Fridge freezer. The ice making machine on the front is worth the purchase alone. No more cramming the fridge full of food and wondering where it’s going to go. You can have plenty of room for frozen food as well.
  2. All the utilities. Have the tumble dryer and washing machine next door to each other. So much more convenient.
  3. Lots and lots of storage cupboards. Now you can keep the food, tins and the cooking utensils, along with the cutlery, plates and bowls all in the same room and it’s handy for when it’s time to serve up your brilliant creations.

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