Why Nature Documentaries Help Our Mental Wellbeing

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According to new research, watching nature documentaries can significantly improve our mood and reduce anxiety. A joint study by the BBC Worldwide and a psychologist involving 7,500 participants from different countries found that watching nature videos increased subjects’ positive emotional responses. The results also showed that the positive emotions derived from viewing nature videos were comparable to those resulting from watching television dramas such as the highly popular Game of Thrones. Moreover, this effect is largely due to the fact that people who watch the programmes are more likely to feel content and grateful, which is important in reducing depression and other symptoms.

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In the study, 7,500 participants were asked to view a short clip of a nature documentary and a popular television show. The researchers found that those who watched the nature documentaries reported higher levels of positive emotions, as well as fewer negative emotions, such as anger, stress, and anxiety. The researchers also observed a reduction in fatigue and increased feelings of contentment after watching the nature documentaries. The findings are consistent with countless other studies demonstrating that watching nature helps improve mental well-being. To carry on enjoying your favourite shows, consider the benefits of TV aerial installation Gloucester from http://steveunettaerials

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The benefits of nature exposure are widely known. In studies, short bursts of watching nature documentaries improved viewers’ mood and reduced anxiety. They suggest that nature documentaries are an effective way to counteract boredom, which can contribute to depression. Further, seeing animals interact in natural settings is calming for anyone undergoing stress in their lives.



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