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Each time we celebrate Christmas or a birthday, do you feel increasingly worried about where you will keep everything? Finding a suitable place for all your stuff can be an onerous task, but before worrying that you need to move to a bigger house, here are a few handy hints for making some highly desirable additional storage space:

For bedrooms, you might consider adding a second rail or rod to increase your hanging space. There may also be room for additional shelves, which is useful for jumpers and folded shirts. Choosing to install a bespoke wardrobe means that you can adjust your space and add useful features such as shoe racks, extra drawers and shelves – whatever you have the greatest need for. Having floor-to-ceiling wardrobes also maximizes the vertical space available in your room, which you can’t get with a free-standing cupboard. For bespoke Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes, visit

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When you choose customized furniture, you can use every bit of available space whatever the size or shape of your room. If you have space under a window, why not consider a chair made specifically with internal storage underneath? You can be truly creative with space that wasn’t previously used to get maximum storage.

A home with children often has difficulty with storage space in children’s rooms, which are usually among the smallest rooms in the house. This problem can become more apparent after birthdays and Christmas. Toys and games will be left lying around on the floor again, no matter how hard you try to arrange everything. You can inspire your children to tidy up items by providing fun and vibrantly coloured storage options in fun shapes and different sizes, for example. Take advantage of existing wall space with floor-to-ceiling shelves, which also has the benefit of making the room look bigger and more spacious. Once again, custom-made work will help you benefit from even small or strange spaces.

Downstairs, if you are sick of tripping over cables and charging technology, it will be useful to have special space for things like tablets, laptops, personal computers, phones and printers. You will be pleasantly surprised at how even an awkward corner can be turned into a place to work or study or a mini home office. Even the space below the stairs can be used for this purpose with a specially made table. You can insert as many drawers and shelves as you need so that the area is not cluttered with documents.

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What you need is a little creativity to prevent you from wasting unused or unusual space in your home that can be turned into a useful and valuable storage area. The surface of any unit that you make yourself can also be decorated with photos and family ornaments, giving you many opportunities to have stylish and attractive decorations. Don’t forget to look up and think of ways to maximize vertical space in any room as well.



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