Signs that it’s time to upgrade your office

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Have you looked around your office recently and think it looks a little tired? Some businesses update their offices regularly, because staying trendy and contemporary is an integral part of their industry. Some other businesses can run in the same environment for decades and may need an impetus to renew. Here are some signs that your office might be bypassed the best:

  1. The office does not fit your brand

An office that is outdated and tired will not send good messages to visiting clients or customers. It can even have a negative impact on your brand. If your office has not had any repairs or redecoration in a few years, it might not match the company’s colours, so it is more difficult for customers and staff to align with the company’s ethos and outlook. If your office does not blend in with the message you are trying to send, it’s time for a refit. For Office Fit out Companies, visit

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  1. You need to develop

Another convincing reason for improvement is that you are simply running out of space for growth. The success of every business depends on being able to grow and be diverse. If current space limits that ability, it will negatively impact your business growth. It’s time to find new space for fresh ideas and additional talented staff.

Of course, with the addition of staff comes the need for more facilities. You will need additional toilet facilities, rest areas, and space for more storage and tables. These are factors that need to be considered when planning a refurb.

  1. Productivity is affected

If you see a decrease in the level of productivity, this may be because the environment is outdated and does not meet the needs of your current staff. When staff are surrounded by tired decor, broken tables or dirty carpets, they can become complacent in their work. If they feel that the company doesn’t care about the site, they also won’t feel inspired to care about their work, whether this is an unconscious feeling or not.

  1. Miserable employees

If there is bad morale or staff who are clearly disappointed or miserable, it may be time to wipe out the cobwebs and refresh the office. Psychologically, the suitability of the work environment can significantly influence the level of happiness and morale among staff.

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  1. Mess and Clutter

If you are running out of storage space and the office is cluttered with stacks of documents, inventory boxes or other equipment, then it’s time to think about revamping and adding more storage. This kind of chaos will also seem unattractive to customers and clients, making your business look disorganized whether you are alone or not.


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