Help Your College Student Find the Right Car

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While many college students are able to survive without a car, it depends on many factors. If your student is headed to the dorms right on campus, then they are less likely to need a car. However, if they’ve found the perfect housing further away, a car is a necessity. Even for the dorm-student, having a car can be very helpful if the student needs to work an off-campus job or even if they occasionally need to go shopping for groceries or clothing. Here are a couple of things to help you find a good car for your student.


Of course, the cost of a car is going to be a big factor. You may want to get a new car that will last your student into his or her married years, or the cost of tuition and housing could make that option prohibitive. Looking at your student’s budget as well as your own will give you a ballpark figure for the purchase.


Many vehicles are great no matter where your student is headed. However, if your son or daughter is headed to a university located in an area that sees a snowy winter, you may want to consider 4-wheel or all-wheel drive. In addition, do you prefer a gas engine or a diesel engine? There are pros and cons to both, so be sure to check that out. If you go with diesel, you will want to be sure your student has access to a repair shop that carries AirDog fuel hose, filters, and other parts.

It is also important that your student can safely drive whichever car, truck or SUV you decide to purchase. Don’t buy one with a manual transmission if your child has only driven an automatic unless you make sure he or she is comfortable with the stick shift.


Don’t forget about insurance for the car. Knowing your children are safe when they are away from you can make a huge difference. The cost of insurance can depend on the age of your children, the type of vehicle, and your students’ safety records. It is easy to get online and compare different options from various companies. Because so many offer car insurance, you ought to be able to find some competitive rates.

Going to college is a big decision, and you can make it easier on your student if you help find the right car.


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