How great are sheep?

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There are many animals in the world that provide us with the resources to simply survive. Human beings are incredibly resourceful creatures. Since the dawn of time we have adapted and grown. Look at how far we have come since we left the trees and caves. However there are certain animals that we have developed a close relationship with and who we greatly rely on even to this day. One of those animals is the humble sheep.

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It is quite hard to imagine anything as useful as a sheep. It’s wool is one of the most vital resources that we have available to us. As our ancient ancestors scrabble around for clothing it must have seemed as a miracle to them that suddenly this animal with a shedding coat could provide them with a source of material for clothing, bedding and even home decoration and furniture. Without sheep you can forget about ever owning some Aran Sweaters like those from Shamrock Gift.

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Because sheep are so useful in some countries the sheep is so well farmed that they even outnumber the general populace. In places like Wales, New Zealand, Mongolia there are more sheep than people. For example in the Falkland Islands there are 200 sheep for every one person. This just goes to show the importance in which this noble animal is held and how the remains essential to our livelihood and existence.


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