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As one of the world’s major financial and commercial centres, London is a great place to operate a business. Unfortunately, its popularity results in high demand which means operating a business in the city is often more expensive.

Sometimes moving your business elsewhere isn’t an option, or would raise more problems than it would solve. This doesn’t mean you must be completely resigned to high costs. There are a number of things you can do to keep down the costs of running your business.

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Office Space

Most businesses need some form of premises in order to operate, and most commonly this will mean seeking out office space. Office space is one of the biggest financial drains on a business, especially in London which has been named the world’s most expensive market, but having quality premises can also be vitally important. As such, this opens up a difficult situation where you don’t want to compromise on quality but you do want to work hard to ensure costs are kept down.

There are a number of steps you can take to reduce the cost of office space a bit. The first is simply to look around for the best deal you can get and take your time if there is no real reason to rush. Consider how far you would be willing to travel to work and then look for offices throughout this area to maximise your options, especially if this might take in the cheaper outskirts of the City. Many companies, can offer not only competitive prices on serviced office space in London but also packages that are specifically tailored to your budget. This helps you make the most of your options without overspending.


Equipment costs are another major cost factor when starting a new business. In a sense, this represents an exception to the rule that costs in London are higher because providers often have very competitive markets. As such, you should take full advantage of this opportunity to save money and seek out the very best deal. So when visitors or clients come into your reception area and relax on the Reception Chairs you brought from

Service Providers

Service providers in London tend to charge more than those outside the capital. This is due to a mixture of high demand and the fact that their own running costs tend to be higher just as yours are. Examples include accountants, consultants, web designers and marketing professionals.

However, many of these services can be easily provided by professionals you will never have to meet in person. Modern technology allows accountants, especially those who specialise in this approach, to handle clients from all over the country with few problems. Web designers and marketing professionals can also work remotely with conversations by phone, email and Skype. Consider seeking service providers elsewhere in the country or even abroad for significant savings.


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