Preparing With Flying Colors for an Airshow

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Few things are more spectacular than an airshow. The best of these combine fast-flying displays with the chance to view aircraft up-close. Visitors can both experience the thrills of military and commercial jets, propeller planes and helicopters. The shows are crowded, loud affairs, often occurring under hot summer conditions. Take these steps to prepare carefully for the long day, especially if you plan to bring along children.

Check Ahead for Restrictions

Airshows, like other large events, ban many items – especially when they occur on military bases. Entrance guards will inspect bags, and they may limit their capacity. Do not even think of bringing weapons or some liquids, just as when traveling through airport security. Ask if lawn chairs are permissible.

Bring Appropriate Supplies

Pack everything allowable you may want or need. Though you can probably purchase food and drinks, still carry water. The only available shade spots may be under cargo plane wings secured by military fasteners distributors, so load up on sunscreen. Pocket a supply of earplugs; you will be surprised at the high decibel levels of shrieking jets. Put aside vanity and wear your most comfortable shoes. Finally, don’t forget the binoculars if you want to experience far-away action up-close.

Plan Your Itinerary

Many locations host web pages with a schedule of performers and a listing of attractions. Taking note of these can help you time your visit if you do not plan to attend for a full day. Also, you may find yourself tiring out quickly if you devote too much energy to traveling back and forth across the tarmac; be systematic about hopping between parked aircraft and settling down to watch the show.

Airshows are exciting, stimulating attractions. Taking the time to think about your approach to one will help you fly through the day with minimal turbulence.


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