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If you are new to being a landlord and you have recently bought a few new properties and need some ideas on what to put in them in regards to utilities and furniture then this may help you.

We have come up with a few items that are essential for any property.

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Kitchen ideas –

You should probably provide a Fridge and freezer if you plan to rent out the property and make sure they are suitable for the type of tenant you plan to accommodate. Also look at what kind of cooking equipment you have and if the oven is sufficient enough.  Have you checked the sink and taps to make sure they work without leeks and some landlords will even provide a dishwasher or washing machine within the property.

Bathroom –

Obviously a clean, working toilet with a bath or shower or both, a sink and a hand towel holder.  You will want to think about damp proofing as you don’t want mould growing within the first year.  Most people will put down a laminate on the floor as bathroom floors are notoriously wet areas.  Perhaps look at what kind of windows are in the bathroom and consider putting in misted glass so outsiders can’t look in.

Living areas –

What will you provide in the living areas will depend on the amount of rent being charged but essentials should be working plug points, lighting, a fire place and working heating.   If you are looking at offering some quality products which will stand out from other properties you could invest in column radiators on websites including

Bedroom –

There isn’t an awful amount that you can provide in a bathroom that the tenant won’t all ready be bringing themselves.  Obviously you will want working lights, plug points, perhaps built in wardrobes and nice big windows that open to keep the room fresh.

Internet and phone line –

There should be a wifi connection or at least a phone line connection for you to plug into as we are in an age of technology and we are addicted to our laptops, phones and searching.

Fire safety

One more very important factor to take in as fire safety.  You should provide a smoke alarm in each zone of the property, fire blankets and an accessible fire extinguisher.  Clearly marked fire exit signs should be posted on each exit and if there are several floors and the stairs are blocked there should be an external exit option.


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