Simple Home Improvement Projects That Make Your House Feel Like New

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Do you feel like your house is slowly but surely falling apart? Do you think that every time you turn around, you notice something else that’s broken? These small but annoying breakages aren’t expensive to fix, but they do stress you out. To handle your small-scale home improvement projects, devote your attention to one of these areas per week.


Start on the surface level by deep-cleaning all your windows, including the glass, sills, and screens. This step allows you to see what parts need to be replaced. Ripped screens and cracked insulation are common complaints that are simple to fix. Don’t forget to wipe off your blinds, inspect them for damage, and order roller shade replacement parts if necessary.


Your stairs get a lot of harsh wear-and-tear, and so they become cracked, stained, and scuffed. If you have wooden steps, look for cracks and replace any broken floorboards. Use a cleaning product with melamine to take out the scuffs. If you have carpeting on your stairs, vacuum them thoroughly and then have a professional carpet cleaner steam them. Finally, make sure that your railing is stable and that no screws are missing.


Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system keeps your house’s climate livable, but it also requires huge vents throughout your house. These vents attract dust like nothing else, so they require regular, thorough cleanings. As you wipe each vent with dust spray or water and soap, check for missing screws or warped metal. Consider repainting the exterior of each vent to further brighten up your ceiling or wall.

Home improvement projects don’t have to be drastic steps such as repainting every room or replacing your roof. Focus instead on one of these projects each week, and enjoy the way your house feels refreshed with minimal effort.


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