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Timber Framed Extensions is gaining immense popularity across the world as it is gaining the same popularity as prefabricated metal framing. A timber frame is formed of wooden members attached to a supporting structure and then to be attached to the structure by means of an extrusion or by glue. Once the lumber is prepared, it is sliced into pieces and fastened together either with nails or wood glue. This creates the rigid frame structure that is the extension. The components of this system are strong, durable and flexible to meet varied requirements of different industries.

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A Timber Framed Extension, such as the ones from Timberpride can be used for varied applications. The main advantage of this type of construction is that it is economical and provides buildings with a better appearance and improved energy efficiency. This system works well for both commercial and residential applications and thus helps save money on building materials, labor cost and operational cost. It also helps in eliminating unwanted components during construction and finishing. The use of timber framed extension has made construction easier and quicker as the entire process of construction takes place at a faster pace.

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In addition to this, the timbers are pre-planned and prefabricated and thus it ensures a seamless assembly. Installing prefabricated timber framed extensions are quite easy as it is possible to deliver nationwide product quality and standard. You can easily avail these products from leading manufacturers who offer prefabricated timber frames within the stipulated time and budget. These suppliers offer services worldwide and can easily help you in achieving maximum utilization of these products at the most competitive prices.


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