What is the main purpose of my website homepage?

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Your homepage is the first place most visitors land when visiting your website, hence why it is the most important. But do you know what you should include on yours? Here are some tips on getting your homepage just right.

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What is the main objective of a homepage?

Of course, you want to be to the point when it comes to your homepage, but you also want the information to grab the reader and invite them to keep surfing your website. Think of your homepage as a conversation starter – engage with your audience with captivating headlines and copy, while in turn, explaining to your visitor where they are, what they can do and find out on your site as well as giving them good reasons to stay. Be clear about your product or service and show that you understand their needs, while being convincing in the way that you display your business as a better alternative to competitors.

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What’s next?

Your homepage, though informative, should direct traffic to the remainder of the website. Aim to make your homepage direct the visitor to the area which has answers to the questions they are asking with ease, but don’t forget to entice them with your other product ranges, services or offers too. After all, they may land on your website looking for one thing and then be convinced that they need something entirely different. This is where you dedicated pages come into play. For example if your provide manufacturing items you may talk in general about how you help the industry on your home page whilst your Rubber Injection Moulding page, similar to the one at www.meadex.co.uk/ will have more detailed information on this specialist area. You also want them to accidentally-on-purpose stumble across your social media details so that they are encouraged to follow you on a variety of platforms. This article sheds some light on ways to ‘plug’ your social media sites on your e-commerce website – http://blog.sumall.com/journal/integrate-social-media-e-commerce.html.

How to optimise your homepage

If you aren’t confident in your ability to hit the nail on the head with your homepage content or design, then why not look at getting in touch with a firm that specialises in web design and development.. They can bring purpose to your homepage and ensure that traffic is welcomed and directed suitably.

As you will now gather, a homepage should not be used to bombard visitors with sales information. Its main job is to direct traffic but at the same time educate your audience and build a relationship with them.


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