Why Ongoing Training Is Essential For Social Care Workers

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As a new social care worker, you may be wondering why ongoing training is necessary. Taking training is an important way to introduce yourself to the role and learn about the new responsibilities. It can also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for improvement. All organisations have some form of continuing professional development and training (CPD). This can be done internally or externally. Often organisations will have set times when workers are expected to update their skills and knowledge. These times should be used to discuss any areas for improvement. It can also be an opportunity to shadow other employees or colleagues. For help with Clinical Training Courses, visit a site like Tidal Training

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Ongoing training can help social care workers improve their skills and knowledge. Typically, the training will focus on providing basic care and safety to the client. The topics covered will include how to administer medications, promote dignity and respect, and use medical equipment safely. Most care homes offer training to their workers, which can include raising the alarm and using equipment safely. This type of training is essential for many reasons, and it will help you build on your current knowledge and skills.

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In addition to improving patient care, ongoing training will help staff give better basic care. This includes dispensing medication and ensuring dignity. The training also involves using equipment in the correct way. This is good news for the industry, which has suffered from a lack of investment in recent years.


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