Comparison of Composite and Wood Fences

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Choosing a fence for your yard can be a daunting task. Before you do, you should know what kind of fencing you want. After all, there are many different styles, materials, and designs. You should also take into account the cost of installing the fence. Considering a composite fence, you will find that this is a much more affordable option than a wood fence.


Compared to wood, composite materials are more resistant to the effects of the weather and insects. They are also easier to maintain. You can clean and repair composite material fences without too much effort.

The lifespan of a composite fence is usually much longer than a wooden one. This is due to its ability to resist damage caused by pests and rot. It is also resistant to fading caused by the sun.

Aside from its durability, a composite fence is also eco-friendly. It is made from recycled plastic and wood products. A warranty also backs it.

Another advantage of composite material is its ability to resist rotting. When a natural wood fence rots, it has to be replaced. With a Modern composite wood-like fence in LA, it can last up to 30 years.

Insects are also less likely to infest a composite fence. You can keep your composite fence free from infestation with proper treatment.


Compared to wood, composite fencing is more environmentally friendly. It is made from recycled plastics and natural timber. It is durable, solid, and resistant to mold and rot. This makes it perfect for fences. And it is also very affordable.

The cost of installing a composite fence is much lower than that of a wood fence. A composite fence also has a lifetime of over 20 years. In addition, it is easier to maintain. It does not need to be repainted and refilled and is prone to insect infestations less often.

Another good reason to choose composite fences over traditional wood fences is that the trees used to make them are not destroyed. Trees are typically harvested and cut down when the wood is used for fences. The process could be more eco-friendly.

On the other hand, composite fences can be recycled after they have served their purpose. The average 100 linear foot fence contains about 140,000 recycled plastic bags. This makes it one of the largest plastic bag recyclers in the country.

DIY Installation

Whether building a new fence or updating an existing one, you’ll find plenty of options. Wood and composite fences come in various designs and styles to fit your needs. However, there are some critical differences between the two.

For one, composite fencing has a much longer life span than traditional wood. The material is also more resistant to rot and mold. It’s also easier to install and maintain. You’ll spend a lot less time and money on upkeep than with a traditional wooden fence.

Considering a composite fence, you’ll be happy to know that the installation is pretty simple. It doesn’t require special brackets or hardware. Just measure your yard and follow the manufacturer’s directions. It will take several days to complete the project.

Although it may cost more than wood or vinyl, a composite fence will last much longer. It will also keep small animals out of your yard.


Whether you want a wood or composite fence depends on your budget and lifestyle. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. It would help if you considered all the factors before choosing fencing material.

The main advantage of a composite fence is that it does not require regular maintenance. In addition, it is not prone to fading, warping, or rotting. It can stand up to rain and wind and is resistant to insects. You can choose from a variety of colors. You can also get fences that look like wood or have them made to match your existing landscaping.

Another advantage of a composite fence is that it is more resistant to moisture and mold. This is because the composite materials are molded with plastics and recycled fibers. It is also a good choice for homeowners concerned about the environment.

The cost of a composite fence is generally higher than a wooden fence. The initial cost can be two times as much as a natural wood fence. It is also much more expensive than a vinyl fence.


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