Flowers to Look out for in Early Spring

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Spring is in the air and as we start to see the first green shoots appear from the earth, we can start to look forward to spending more time outdoors once again. Even if you are not very mobile, using mobility aids like these will help you to get out and about and enjoy the fresh spring air and all that is going on in nature at this time.

Spring is a time that is very beneficial for the mind and spending some time in nature will help with your mental health. Look for some of these early spring flowers that herald the start of warmer sunnier days…

Daffodils – These jolly flowers are one of the favourite symbols of spring in the UK. There are many places that you can go to that have beautiful displays of daffodils growing in the spring, including Butley in Suffolk, Farndale in North Yorkshire and Newent in Gloucestershire.

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Wood Anemones – These sweet little white flowers can be seen on the forest floor in the spring time. When you see them, it is usually an indicator that the woodland that you are in is ancient. They close up on rainy days, so the best time to see them is during a dry spell.

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Snowdrops – The first brave flowers to poke their heads up, these are lovely plants that can usually be seen from early February. Look for the swathes of white carpeting the woodland floor. They are incredibly hardy, being known to flower when frost is still on the ground.


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