How To Seal A Wood Fence

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It’s not difficult to renew a wooden fence but it is something you must do in order to keep your fence looking and performing its best. The first thing to do is examine the fencing to determine how much wear and tear is visible as a result of long-term exposure to the elements.

You may also notice the wood is starting to split and bow due to an overabundance of moisture. The reason being that you didn’t seal the wood properly the first time and the negative effects are now starting to emerge. The trick is to apply a good water-resistant sealant to the outer surface of the wood so your fence doesn’t start to sag or look dull and unkempt.

Here are some steps to take for fence sealing fort worth tx, if you follow these instructions to the letter, you can protect your fence for as long as you own it. You might need to reapply the sealant every so often as it could wear down and expose the wood over time. A good rule of thumb is to re-apply your sealant if you notice that water is not beading up on the surface of the wood any longer.

Clean Your Fence

This is priority one because a dirty fence that is covered in grime and buildup will not seal properly. So you need to scrub the surface as thoroughly as possible so you can eliminate dirt, dust, and mildew. That last one is particularly important as mold and mildew should not be allowed to remain on the wood as they will promote moisture.

Scrub the fence clean and then rinse. Be sure the wood dries completely before you apply your sealant. Do not get moisture trapped underneath as this will just defeat the purpose of the sealant and damage the wood.

Apply The Sealant

You will need to get your sprayer and fill it with polyurethane wood sealer. Follow the directions on the package, you may need to add water to the sealant if it’s the concentrated kind. When you’re ready spray the front of each slat up and down to ensure that every part of the surface is covered entirely. Don’t miss any of the crevices that are located between the slats either.

Once you’ve coated the front of the fence, go around to the back side and do the same there. Don’t forget the horizontal braces that connect each slat and be sure to coat the fence posts as well. Basically, leave no portion of the wood unsealed as these vulnerabilities will only allow moisture to seep in and damage your wood fence.

For those residences that see a lot of sunlight, you may want to select a sealant that comes with sun protection so as to prevent the wood from fading it to a gray, dull color. The sun can be devastating to wood, almost as bad as moisture, and you want to ensure that your fence is protected against all of the elements, come rain or shine.


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