Removing Carpet Odor From Pets

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No, we’re not talking about getting that shag carpet smell out of Fido’s fur, this is an article about getting the smell of Fido out of your shag carpet. When it comes to pet odors it’s important to know how to clean carpet in a way that’s safe for both the carpet and your family while being as effective as possible at eliminating stains and smells.

Pet messes can happen when you least expect and they can come in shapes and colors, able to leave behind lasting aromas that can damage your carpeting for the long term. Pet urine, feces, even vomit, can all make a lasting impression on your new carpet and, if you don’t take the necessary steps to avoid that from happening, it could take more than the best carpet cleaning company omaha to correct the problem.

So here are some of the things you should do to prevent and remove pet odor from your carpet:

Act Fast

The best and most reliable method for keeping those odors from ruining that carpet is to keep them from setting in the first place. You won’t always have the opportunity to get to a pet mess when it happens but if you do, act quick and clean up the mess before the liquid or substance that has been left behind absorbs into the fibers.

The longer you let any foul-smelling mess remain on the carpet, the more likely the odor will get locked into the material and stay there, even after repeated attempts at clean up.

Lifting Stubborn Stains

Stains are going to be one of the more troubling sources of stains and so you need to eliminate them entirely from the carpet fibers. You have many different commercial stain removers to choose from, all of them claiming to be the best at getting the job done. However, you need to be careful about the product you ultimately choose as they can have a wide range of chemicals from the abrasive and caustic to gentler, more natural cleaning options.

But you can cal also make your own homemade alternative using one part distilled white vinegar and one part cold water. Apply to the stain, let sit for a few minutes, then blot the area so you extract most of the liquid. The carpet will then dry on its own. This should help lift the stain.

Removing Odors

Your two most powerful allies for getting those odors out of the carpet are baking soda and essential oils. Combine the two and you have a surefire way to remove those odors from your carpet. Add about 15 to 20 drops of your favorite scent to around 16 ounces of baking soda. Sprinkle it on to the area that has been damaged by lingering odor and let sit for about 20 to 30 minutes.

After that time has passed, vacuum the area clean and the carpet should smell fresh once more. Be sure to do this after a pet has made a mess that could result in a lingering odor, as that aroma could signal your pet to make the same mistake over and over again in that exact spot of your carpet.



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