Three Essential oils that will Benefit your Home

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Having a comfortable and relaxing home that we can retreat to and shut out the stresses of the outside world is important for our mental wellbeing – from having a big clear out, to redecorating, to treating ourselves to some new furniture like these Connubia Calligaris chairs, there are lots of ways that we can improve our home and make it a more pleasant place to spend time in.

Something that we often forget when creating a relaxing environment however is the smell. Scents are powerful for human beings and can help to evoke memories as well as to have an affect on our mood and wellbeing. Filling your home with scent is a great way to create the sort of space that you want. Here are three scents to use in your home to help with this…

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Lemon – The fresh and uplifting scent of lemon is associated with summer time and cleanliness. It’s zesty and fruity scent benefits us in many ways, from having a positive effect on our mood and increasing energy levels, to helping to reduce sickness and nausea – in fact, it is commonly used in pregnancy to combat morning sickness.

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Lavender – Another very popular scent, lavender is well known to aid relaxation. It is also helpful to those who suffer with anxiety, as it has an overall calming effect on the brain. Many people will have the scent of lavender in the bedroom, to help with sleep.


Neroli – As well as being a lovely smell, neroli is also widely used in skin creams. Many people use it to repair problem skin, as well as for its anti-ageing properties.


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