Five Fashion Trends for Autumn-Winter 2021

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As the temperatures start to drop and the evenings draw in, we start to look ahead to our clothing for the new season and the fashion trends for autumn-winter 2021. It’s starting to look very different from recent years, and tailoring is definitely making a comeback. Read on for everything you need to know about the materials and colours you’ll be wearing in the coming months.

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Tailoring is making a bit comeback, and quickly. We’re talking waistcoats, smart suits, ties and oversized overcoats. This year’s coats have plenty of space in the sleeves and sharp shoulders. We’ve been casual for some years now, in part due to the global pandemic keeping us housebound and comfortable for months on end, so now the catwalks are smartening themselves up with modern twists on classic tailoring.

Seeing Red

Red looks set to be the key colour for the coming season. Expect to see it everywhere. No shrinking violet reds here! We’re talking bright, tomato and scarlets. Where colours aren’t red, expect single bold colours from top to bottom.

Print It Out

Like red, there are going to be prints everywhere. Geometric patterns and animal prints, as well as striking motifs, will be big. Lots of the patterns will be squares and checks – tartan-inspired.

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Sweaters for All

Add an extra layer for style and warmth. Knitwear is going to be key, and mens Ralph Lauren knitwear is an excellent way to add a designer feel to your autumn look. It’s easily available from specialist retailers like EJ Menswear. Knitwear includes sweaters and cardigans to allow you to channel your retro vibes.

Revisited Denim

Don’t think you’ll get away with your basic denim jeans this season! You’ll need to go one better that. We’re looking at intricate patterns and glitter embellishments.

For more key trends for the autumn-winter season, check our the ideas at GQ magazine.

For the best way to wear the latest trends, team them with something you feel comfortable in and add your own personality.

And if you want to accessorise, think about adding a bag, which will be worn cross-body this season, and they’ll be much smaller than bags of previous seasons.


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