How to Promote Better Workplace Hygiene

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Are you wondering how to promote better workplace hygiene? It is not as easy as it looks. In fact, it can be quite difficult especially if you are overseeing a large premises or a lot of employees. However, in the current climate of increased awareness on infection control, it’s vitally important. This is because people who work in offices or other workplaces will be mixing and sharing items, such as things like door handles and light switches and other things which are used and touched by many on a regular basis.

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To promote better workplace hygiene, you need to first understand the different ways of keeping your hands clean. Did you know that 80% of infectious germs are carried on our hands? First, you need to wash them regularly. You can start this practice by washing them with warm water and soap especially after touching something that is used by multiple people. Use your hands gently when washing them so that dirt will not be attracted to your skin. After this, you can use a hand dryer or disposable paper towels to dry hands as a shared towel is unhygienic.

Work surfaces should be regularly cleaned with antibacterial and antiviral cleaning agents. The process of infection is often started by touching a contaminated surface so the pathogen is now on our hands. The average person touches their face 23 times an hour! That is how the germs get into our noses, mouths and eyes and can lead to becoming unwell. This demonstrates clearly the importance of regular cleaning.

You should also position bottles of hand sanitiser at strategic points around the workplace, such as near doors and other touch points. Ideally, you should have a bottle ready to be filled whenever you need it. Make sure though that the sanitisers you are getting are of high quality so that you will get the best effect from them.

How to promote better workplace hygiene is not difficult. However, you need to remember to be consistent with keeping everything clean. Make sure to keep your hands clean at all times so that you will not spread germs easily. These are just some tips on how you can promote healthier workplace hygiene. For help and advice about the benefits of Contract Cleaning Cheltenham services, go to a site like Big Green Cleaning

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Did you know that office telephones and desks harbour more germs per square inch than the average toilet seat? Once you know this, it’s very hard to ignore what needs to be done to rectify this!

Raising awareness of such issues, without stressing out your staff, is an important part in promoting better hygiene. Most employees admit to cleaning their workspace once a month or less. This is a problem that doesn’t just affect those we work with but germs picked up at work are then carried home to our loved ones. It’s time to generate more awareness of the simple things we can all do to make our workplace a healthier one.




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