4 Reasons You Should Recycle Your Old Computer

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Are you ready to get rid of that old computer that’s collecting dust in the corner? Before you toss it in the trash can, here are three reasons why you should recycle it instead.

1. Keep Harmful Chemicals Out of the Environment

Inside all the tiny pieces of the computer are toxic substances such as mercury, cadmium and lead. When these items are thrown into the landfill, the liquids eventually seep out and into the ground. The toxic chemicals are harmful to people’s health and have been known to cause cancer. Instead of allowing these harmful liquids from entering the air and water, recycling services Fort Lauderdale FL can safely dispose of these dangerous materials.

2. Reuse Non-Biodegradable Parts

Many computers are encased in large pieces are hard plastic. This material is designed to protect the delicate internal components of the device, which means that it doesn’t break down in landfills quickly. Instead of throwing these pieces into an expanding pile of plastic waste, recycling companies can reuse these pieces in refurbished devices.

3. Decrease the Demand for New Materials

When you recycle your computer, it also decreases the need for raw materials. Many items inside the computer take a lot of energy to make. By reusing them, the demand for these parts decreases and fewer raw materials are needed. This reduces the demand for the raw material and the energy consumed to make them.

4. Protect Your Sensitive Data

While you may think you have wiped everything off the computer hard drive, most people don’t know how to get rid of every bite of information stored in their computer. Most recycling services can safely clear all your personal information off the computer, which prevents the possibility of fraud or identity theft.

When you’re ready to upgrade your computer, don’t throw your old one away. Consider recycling it to help the environment and keep your personal information secure.


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