Benefits of Using a Body Camera

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Body cameras are small portable recording devices that are easily worn and are often integrated with police uniforms. These devices are not intrusive and do not disrupt officers’ ability to perform their duties.

Early research findings suggest that adopting these tools can improve interactions between law enforcement personnel and people. They can also increase public confidence in the police and their actions.

Increases Public Confidence

Whether on the beat or in their own home, citizens behave more responsibly when they know they are being watched. Watchguard body camera help police departments achieve that goal.

A recent University of Cambridge study found that when officers are equipped with body cameras, complaints against them are significantly reduced.

Improves How Officers Behave

Body cameras can be a powerful tool for improving how officers behave. They can help police better understand how to interact with people, enhance communication, and strengthen court evidence quality.

In addition, they can also be used to train and improve how officers work. However, much more research is needed to understand how they can best be used in practice.

Increases Revenue

As body cameras become more widely used, companies that make them seek ways to increase their revenue. One is the ability to store much video data on a cloud server, which can be a big deal for agencies with large budgets.

And one of the most effective and economic uses for such technology is facial recognition, a growing part of many police departments’ arsenals.

Reduces Complaints

Body cameras are a great tool to help police departments reduce citizen complaints. They have been shown to decrease in cities like Rialto, California, and Mesa, Arizona.

It is unknown why they do this, but some researchers suggest it may be because civilians are less likely to file frivolous or false complaints when they know their actions will be recorded.

Prevents Unnecessary Use of Force

Police body cameras have a two-fold effect: they can help prevent unnecessary use of force by police officers and reduce the number of complaints filed against them.

The Rialto Police Department in California reported a 59 percent reduction in the use of force and an 87.5 percent drop in citizen complaints against officers wearing body cameras. However, other research has found more mixed outcomes.

Enhances Training

The cost of an in-house video polylactic can run into the hundreds of thousands, so it’s no surprise that the department still needs to incorporate them into regular rotation. However, many apologies are being made about the tepid state of police funding in California and across the nation, so there’s no need to envy the department for being aggressive in these recessionary times.

Increases Efficiency

Body cameras are an essential tool in improving policing efficiency. They can help officers resolve criminal cases faster, spend less time completing paperwork, and corroborate evidence presented by prosecutors.

But police departments often need help with the high costs of purchasing and storing body camera footage. That’s why some smaller agencies have ceased their use of the technology.

Reduces Expenses

The initial costs of using a body camera can be significant, but it will pay for itself in the long run. Whether you are a small business or a large organization, you will benefit from having body cameras in place.

A new study has determined that body cameras can help police departments cut down on expenses. They also decrease the number of complaints against officers and reduce the use of force incidents.

Increases Public Safety

One of the most apparent benefits of using body cameras is the potential for greater transparency and accountability. It can help to improve public trust in law enforcement agencies and reduce community concerns about officer behavior.

However, this also presents some privacy concerns, and police departments must have good policies to protect the interests of officers and civilians.

Enhances Public Confidence

Body cameras have been widely touted as a way to increase public confidence. But research suggests that they still need to do so.

One reason is that officers often only use them for disciplinary reasons. It may lead to a lack of accountability among the officers who use them.


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