Making the Workplace a Safer Place to Be

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The workplace can be a dangerous place and there are many injuries that occur in workplaces all over the UK that can be avoided. Here are things that you can do to improve the safety of the workplace…

Safety Assessment – To reduce the risk of an accident happening at work, it is important to have a safety assessment done in the workplace. Working practices that are designed to improve safety should be brought in – for example, only those that have been correctly trained should operate certain machinery.

Health And Safety At Work Act: Your Responsibilites - Lone Alarms

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First Aid Training – Deciding who will be the first aiders in the workplace is something that all employers need to consider. The more there are of course, the better prepared the staff will be if there were to be an accident. In order to prepare people correctly, they should attend emergency first aid training courses like this as it will cover all of the things that can help people to assist someone who has had an accident and could even save a life.

Accidents at work – your rights – Venables Legal Resources

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First Aid Kit – In order for first aiders to be able to do their job properly, the first aid kit should be well stocked and checked regularly, as things like plasters can go out of date and need to be replaced. First aiders should always have access to the first aid kit and know where it is kept so that they can get to it in the event of an emergency.


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