Some of the ways your phone can get malware

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Are you concerned about keeping your mobile phone secure but don’t know how the bad stuff can get into your device in the first place? Well, there are several ways that your phone can be at risk and here are some of them:

  • By downloading malicious apps

Hackers will commonly spread malware through the use of downloads and apps. Apps that are downloaded from official Apple or Android stores are safe but from any other place, they could look genuine but contain malware or spyware. The best tip is to be highly selective of what you download onto your device. For the latest devices, consider Vodafone Dundalk from King Communications, a supplier of Vodafone Dundalk services.

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  • Suspicious emails

If you receive an email from an address you don’t recognise and it contains a link, you could be taken to a dummy site if you click that link. This is another way in which criminals can install malware onto your device. If you are unsure about any emails, never click on the links.

  • Operating system vulnerabilities

When phones receive software updates, it can often be as a result of a fix or patch that developers have designed to make the device safer. By ignoring these updates, you could be making your phone more vulnerable to attack. Always update to the latest software available so your phone is not left vulnerable.

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  • Using non-secure websites

By visiting unsecure sites, there is a risk that you will be transmitting personal information from your device. Try to avoid using non-secure Wi-Fi and insecure websites and consider installing anti-virus protection on your phone.


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