Explore the Eerie Dungeness and Find out Why it is So Special

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As so many of us decided to stay home and explore the UK this summer, with all the confusion and worry over the travel traffic light system, a lot of people have been learning new things and exploring new parts of the country. Somewhere that is always popular with tourists is Romney Marsh – Beautiful countryside and plenty of history, there are lots of things to do in Romney Marsh www.localthingstodo.co.uk/locations/things-to-do-in-romney-marsh/ – but if you want to explore somewhere in the area that is a little different – then Dungeness is the place for you.

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This barren and often eerie feeling landscape is certainly not like the rest of the area. With the large power station looming up on the horizon, there can be a rather apocalyptic feel to the place. But it is a popular place for visitors and also is home to a rich variety of wildlife, particularly birds, who have a home in the RSPB reserve here.

Even more unusual is that despite its bleak appearance, it is actually home to many species of plants and animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the UK and is classed as the only desert in the UK.

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The shingle headland certainly feels grey and dull, with its abandoned boats and brisk sea air, but walk to the sea and on a clear day you will have a great view across the channel towards France, and the ships sailing in the channel.


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