6 exercises to get fit at home easily

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Playing sports or exercising is essential for our well-being, but sometimes it is more than just a lack of time that prevents us from doing it. If your usual excuse to justify not practicing exercise is lack of time , that the gym catches you very far or that your quota seems too expensive. We propose a series of exercises to get fit at home without it being a problem for you that you can’t deal with.

The best exercises to get fit at home

After having carried out a series of exercises to warm up and lubricate the joints of the areas we are going to work on, we can get down to work.

 1.Firm the chest

Taking advantage of the fact that you are with the dumbbells in hand, we offer you some exercises to get in shape at home, designed to keep the muscles that make natural support for your chest toned.

Place yourself on a padded mat, or failing that, use two large towels folded in half to place on the floor and serve as support without being bothered by its hardness or the cold that it gives off.

Now lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet flat on the ground. Put your arms back into the cross position, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Now we are going to adopt the initial position of the exercise to be repeated, and to do this, raise your forearms to form a 90º angle with the rest of the arm and keep the dumbbells upright.

Now it is about stretching the arms vertically upwards so that the two dumbbells meet above your head (this would be the second position) to return to the initial position again by slowly lowering both arms. Repeat this sequence 10 times as slowly as possible and without stopping.

2.Tone the arms

You can either get dumbbells or stick to the motto of not resorting to any type of physical training contraption. In that case you can use a couple of half-liter water bottles that you have at home. Which you can fill more or less depending on the weight you want to use to perform the exercises.

In addition, the shape of these makes it easy for you to hold each one with one hand. Think that if they are full they will weigh half a kilo (in case it serves as a reference), and if you are in the mood to increase the weight a little more, you can use canned cans, milk bricks instead …

Now, with dumbbells or whatever you have decided to use, stand up, with your feet spread out to the width of your shoulders and slightly flex your knees to prevent them from overloading with the movements you make.

Grab a dumbbell or bottle with each hand and keep your arms stretched down; That will be your starting position to start the exercise. Now slowly raise your hands, without folding your arms, until you reach the second position; with arms stretched and cross. Then slowly descend until you regain the same position you had at the beginning. Repeat the entire exercise 10 times.

3. Strengthen the abdomen6 exercises to get fit at home easily

Thinking about working this area will probably bring you the idea of ​​long and hectic sequences of the classic abs of a lifetime . Nothing could be further from the truth; We offer you a static exercise, but no less effective: the iron.

It consists of lying stretched out on the floor face down, as if you were a plank or wooden board, but in such a way that only the tips of your feet and your forearms (on which you will hold) touch it.

Your body must adopt a firm position throughout it, contracting for this all the possible muscles of your body, especially those of the abdominal area, where you should feel a tension that extends to even the lower back area from under your back.

Once you get into that pose, try to keep it completely static for half a minute. Perhaps during the first days it is somewhat more complicated to achieve, but with the passage of time you can even get to hold it for more than two minutes. Of course, your challenge is to increase that residence time from five to five seconds per day.

4. Tighten the buttocks

Now it’s time to stand up and lean against the wall to keep your balance. Stay upright and as straight as possible. Now gently lean towards the wall and lift one of the two legs back, keeping it stretched as if you wanted to put it horizontal, although it is not necessary.

Just do 10 repetitions of that movement (like kicking back with your leg stretched out) with each leg. In this way, we work a series of gluteal muscles so that we can give it greater tone and hardness.

You can also perform the same exercise by stretching your legs forward with the support of an object, as shown in the following video:

5. Tone the thighs

6 exercises to get fit at home easily

Do you have a little rubber ball that little kids play with? About 15-20 centimeters in diameter. Well, take it and lie down on the mat again (or failing that on the set of towels prepared on the floor).

Flex your legs and hold the ball between your knees. Now pretend you want to put them together even if the ball stops you. Make that movement with which you manage to make a contraction of the inner part of the thighs, which is the most prone to sagging, and relax, over and over again. Repeat 20 times.

6. Contouring the calves

And it is time to work the calves to enhance the shape so that it is possible to give a more toned appearance to the set of legs that we had already begun to exercise with the thigh area and secondarily with the gluteal routine.

For this, the last of the exercises to get fit at home that we will show you is dedicated to your twins and all you need to do is stand barefoot on the mat.

At first, it is better to stand close to the wall, to be able to lean slightly with your fingers trying not to lose your balance, although theirs is that little by little you are able to separate from it and at the same time work balance while maintaining your arms stretched up and palms together.

The exercise that we are talking about now is very simple. Although its difficulty is to get it done incessantly for 30 repetitions: It’s about standing on tiptoe and going back down. That is all.

Now when you do, try to contract both your abdomen and glutes and hold that pose without releasing it until you have completed the full set of 30 reps. If you also try to do it somewhat slowly, the effect of exercise will be enhanced.

And that’s it! With these exercises to get fit at home, you can start to establish a very simple habit to maintain because you do not need too much time to do the entire sequence, or move or pay for a gym.

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