7 decorating tips to have a stress-free home

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Do you want to have a stress-free home where you always feel comfortable and at ease? Follow these tips and start enjoying a quiet house.

Having a stress free home can bring us multiple benefits. Our house is our place in the world, the corner where we have our personal things and where we spend moments that should be as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

For this reason, living in a clean, calm, and orderly space makes your health better since rest is favored and the spirit is renewed. Here are 7 decorating ideas for a stress-free home.

How to have a stress free home?decorating tips to have a stress-free home

These two scenarios are undoubtedly the most common environments in which our psychological health can be affected. Now, it is necessary to understand that when suffering from these conditions there are many factors that can trigger them:

  • The people who inhabit these scenarios and the relationship we have with them.
  • Our previous experiences lived trauma …
  • The physical environment.

Let’s see next how we can control this last aspect, that of the physical environment at home. If we can at least improve this scenario, we will find a break in case our work, for example, is demanding and stressful.

1.- Order and cleanlinessdecorating tips to have a stress-free home

The first thing that we must take into account to create a pleasant environment is to order everything in its place, not to collect unnecessary objects or to leave them scattered anywhere.

  • Entering a house and seeing everything dirty and in disorder creates discomfort and discomfort.
  • In addition, we must try to clean daily, vacuum the floors, and wash the dishes.
  • As much as the house has a very expensive and beautiful decoration, it must be clean and in order so that it can not only show off but also generate feelings of calm and pleasure that remove stress.

In this case, the well-known method of Marie Kondo can be of great help to us.

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2.- Integrate plants into the decorationdecorating tips to have a stress-free home

Adding plants inside the home will bring harmony to it. For many cultures, plants symbolize growth and abundance.

Integrating them into the decoration will not only help you beautify the place, but you will also enjoy taking care of them and that will reduce your stress levels.

3.- Leave free spacesdecorating tips to have a stress-free home

To obtain a stress-free home, it is essential to organize the rooms according to the furniture we want to place, but without loading them.

The fact of filling the rooms with furniture and objects makes it impossible to move comfortably. It is recommended to do cleanings often and to eliminate everything that is not used or that is not in good condition.

4.- Light to have a stress free home

Large windows are always recommended as natural light is a great mood booster.

If the view is a natural environment, much better. But since this cannot always be obtained, the solution is to place table and floor lamps with soft lighting trying to create a natural light effect.

5.- Colors to decoratedecorating tips to have a stress-free home

It is proven that the range of colors you choose to decorate your home influences your mood. Studies such as the one carried out by Teresa M. Kutchma, from the University of Minnesota, explain to us that there are colors that have a greater effect than others to relax the body, relieve pressure, and restore calm.

Enjoy balanced and serene environments using these colors to decorate your walls:

  • Yellow or light gold, full of energy and helps develop the mind.
  • Green, connects with nature and all its benefits.
  • Light pink, helps to relax and fall asleep.
  • Light orange, it has therapeutic properties.
  • Blue is a relaxing color. It makes us more productive and helps concentration.

6.- Aromatize

We must use this sense to achieve greater relaxation in our home. We will try to get a soft and subtle aroma; therefore, you can use incense sticks, flowers, or aromatic candles. The latter, in addition, provide special dim lighting to achieve moments of relaxation. The most recommended aromas are:

  • Jasmine.
  • Roses.
  • Citrus.
  • Lavender.

7.- Add round tables

If you must renew the table for the living room, it is recommended that it be round. This is because it allows better communication between family members since it is easier to look at every one. Being able to talk to all people helps you to relate better, understand the other, and put yourself in their place to create a stress- free home.

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