Office life versus the home office

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As the pandemic recedes but doesn’t entirely go away, the return to everyday life seems to go on unabated. However, there has been a fundamental shift in the way that we work, especially for those that operate in an office. As some employers started to make noises that they wanted staff to return to the office, others encouraged their employees to remain working from home and put them in touch with Office Chairs Gloucester based companies like to ensure they have the right furniture. On the one hand, many employees had found that home working was better for them mentally and in terms of work-life balance. Others were just as eagerly prepared to get back into the office again as they liked the separation between the two.

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Employers have also questioned the need to lease or rent a massive office space, or even one at all, given the rise in energy costs and business rates. For example, if they can rely on applications like Teams, Google Meet and Whatsapp to connect with employees, and if the work rate is more productive, why bother to use these spaces at all? Virtual face-to-face can be just as good as the actual in-person version.

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However, this will sound like a terrible idea to many, and they crave the social aspects of a big office where everyone can meet and mingle. What they are finding is that when they do get to the office, the number of people that are there has reduced dramatically from what it was. So it seems that only time will tell what our office and working lives will look like going forward.


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