3 Great Tips for Creating a Family-Friendly Backyard

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Wondering how you can get the entire family excited about spending time together? A backyard upgrade is just what you need to give your family a new space to spread out and relax. Here’s how to create a family-friendly, fun and attractive backyard.

1. Create an Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living or gathering space is at the core of every family-friendly backyard. Install a permeable paver patio – it looks great in a wide variety of landscape strategies and stands up well to the elements. Consult the experts in permeable pavers in Pittsburgh to build you the patio of your dreams and lay the foundation for hours of outdoor family fun and enjoyment.

2. Plan for Privacy

Privacy is important for a backyard, since you don’t need the eyes of the entire neighborhood on you as you enjoy your outdoor space. The best options for privacy depend upon your budget as well as your patience – an attractive fence gives you instant gratification at a price, while a living fence formed by hedges is cheap and beautiful but takes time to grow.

3. Improve the Lawn

Your lawn isn’t just a decorative part of the landscape; it also serves as the lush carpeting that you need for a variety of backyard games and activities. A few extra steps take any lawn from a patch of weeds to an area of dense grass that feels great underfoot. In the warm season, perform yard aeration followed by application of a sandy top-dressing to provide adequate drainage. When the grass goes dormant, feed it with a cold-season blend. These extra steps promote growth and give you a healthy lawn for fun and play.

Family bonding is much more fun when done in the great outdoors. Follow these tips for your backyard renovation and enjoy years of quality family time.


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