Customer Loyalty can be built in these ways

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A website design agency can help you to create a compelling, usable and highly engaging website that is designed around your customers’ needs using digital techniques to build customer loyalty. We take a closer look at what’s involved.

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Responsive Design

Loyalty is a key business driver and the holy grail of all business marketing – online and offline. Responsive design is a critical way of engaging customers by ensuring that their user experience of your digital assets is smooth and logical. Good design means having a site that works cross-platform.

Encouraging Referrals

The most loyal customers tend to be found via word-of-mouth referrals from trusted contacts, but a good digital design can also facilitate this. Clients will naturally feel more comfortable in recommending a site that looks good and works well.

Social Media Buttons

To encourage sharing, most websites now will include social media buttons. By encouraging customers to follow a business’s social media channels, the chance to engage and win new customers by referrals increases in a powerful way. You could use a Belfast SEO company found at options including who will have specialists you can call or email for the best advice available.  You will find that website design will typically include a range of social media buttons that are prominent and easy to use, displayed across all key pages to enhance social integration and performance.

Genuine Value

Customers will be loyal to a website that genuinely offers value and gives them a key set of reasons to come back for more. Examples of genuine value could include loyalty promotions, client self-service, a dashboard, video content, tutorials, white papers or more. Remember that every time you give your customers a reason to return to your website, the more likely they are to take up your products and services.


The online world tends to be transactional and can be impersonal. Businesses that invest in direct engagement approaches will typically enjoy higher returns, despite the elevated costs in terms of money and time. This is because customers feel more engaged with the brand and more inclined to be loyal to it. Placement of contact addresses and contact forms can be important to increase engagement and create a conversation between customers and brands.

What is your business doing to improve customer loyalty and grow your revenue?


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