How the Suit Came Into Fashion

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There are plenty of different kinds of menswear out there, but none is more popular than suits and jackets. Most men own one or more of these items, which usually give them a certain level of confidence (which is probably why they wear them so often!) But have you ever wondered how the suits came into existence? What makes them so special? And, most importantly, is there anything that makes them more stylish than, say, a pair of jeans?

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A man’s wardrobe usually consists of two primary pieces: his jacket and shirt, and this was actually the very first piece of menswear in many countries (not just America! ), since tailoring was a luxury only the rich could afford back then. Based purely on menswear tradition, the term “suit” would most likely define a mixture of functionality and modernity. And, of course, business-smart. You can find some great options from menswear Ireland company EJ Menswear.

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So, the term “suits” today is used to describe clothing that is either casual and wearable or formal and undressed. As time passed, more options opened up for consumers, and today suits come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, materials, and even drape options. Tailoring, which has been used exclusively for men’s suits for at least the last hundred years, became a staple fashion trend for both men and women once menswear developed, and it now belongs in both categories of the population. Men’s suits were always a social currency, since they can be worn to several different events (or occasions), whereas women’s suits were only reserved for the highest-level social events and elite parties. Now, both can be comfortably accessorized with fashionable outerwear.



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