Why We Should Be Planting More Trees

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The primary goal of most reforestation efforts is to plant more trees, but there are other factors that make planting a larger percentage of trees essential. For example, every tree planted provides a habitat for essential wildlife, such as birds and squirrels. Similarly, more trees help to maintain healthy soil and humidity levels in the atmosphere. Furthermore, trees are essential for the water cycle. They absorb pollutants and release oxygen into the air.

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Many trees provide essential human benefits. In addition to improving air quality, they also reduce air-conditioning costs, as they offer cool shade around buildings. A single tree can counterbalance the pollution produced by one person over his or her lifetime. In addition to removing particulates in the air, trees trap hundreds of harmful chemicals, including carbon monoxide. The pollution that we breathe from these pollutants can damage our health but trees help us breathe more easily.

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Another reason to plant more trees is that they help maintain biodiversity. Many species use trees for food, shelter, and mating, and they provide a habitat for many animals. This is just one way that trees benefit the planet. We need to take advantage of this important resource to protect our environment. If we don’t plant enough trees, our economy and health will suffer. So besides the many benefits of planting more, a few other factors make tree planting vital to a healthy economy.


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