The 10 new video games presented at Gamescom 2019 that you have to know

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The Gamescom 2019 is still underway, but it has already put all its meat on the grill in terms of new video game announcements. In this special, we recommend ten titles that have been presented at the fair for the first time, and which you should not lose sight of because of its attractiveness.

The Gamescom is a very important fair for many reasons. Now that the E3 seems to begin to decline slightly from the media focus, especially after a last somewhat decaffeinated edition, the German event not only consolidates itself as the most important that can be enjoyed in Europe, but is also a true titan of the news of the video game in the whole world. Obviously, his prism is not as large as the one held in Los Angeles, but with episodes as blunt as this year, he can begin to think of becoming an alternative for the future for those who are also looking for something more than the blockbusters.

The key? Your ads some of the most relevant companies have taken advantage of these days to present gameplay of their most anticipated proposals for the coming months. However, it has also been the place chosen by many teams to put forward other proposals that may not be so dedicated to making wasteful collections, but they can treasure a huge quality and very good and really original ideas to try to offer something fresh to the Current video game scene. A current scene overloaded with multiplayer shooters where it is the loot that matters and, unfortunately, less concerned with seeking to create greater diversity.

In this context, and with many studies wishing to gain a foothold with imagination and ingenuity by flag, these are the 10 most prominent video game ads that Gamescom 2019 has left us …

Comanche – The Return of a Classic

  • PC – Released in 2020
  • Action and helicopters
  • Developed by Nukklear Digital Minds

Within the huge range of intellectual properties that THQ Nordic has right now, and which are little less than countless, the resurrection of a video game from the past is striking: Comanche. The title recovers the formula of action and helicopters that characterized the original, but the dressing with drones and other mechanisms to guarantee its variety. A release from the past, which seeks to adapt to the new times.

Everspace 2 – In the confines of the galaxy

  • PC, PS4, Xbox One – Launch at the end of 2021
  • Space Action
  • Developed by Rockfish Games

Although its launch is far in time, the end of the year 2021, the truth is that there are many reasons to be excited about Everspace 2. With all the good things that put its first part on the table, this time we will have a first early access in Steam next year, long before the sale of the final version. Space battles, role-playing elements and a better story are the keys to the sequel.

Humankind – A New Contestant for the Strategy

  • PC – Released in 2020
  • Turn Strategy
  • Developed by Amplitude Studios

We had been hearing about a new intellectual property of SEGA for a long time, but we still had no clues as to what it could be about. Now we know that it is a 4X character strategy title, which comes from the hand of the Endless Legend authors, and that encourages us to take a civilization from its rustic origins to triumph in modern times in a gameplay that reminds of some way to civilization.

Kerbal Space Program 2 – Little Explorers

  • PC, PS4, Xbox One – Released in 2020
  • Space Simulation
  • Developed by Squad

If it sounds like Kerbal Space Program you already know what to expect, and if you don’t have one of the great surprises of recent years at hand. The most peculiar of the space simulators is back, and it does so with the surprising seriousness and depth of its predecessor, but also with its hooligan spirit and its friendly protagonists. A game that is a real bottomless pit of hours, and that demands but also rewards.

Little Nightmares 2 – Recurring Nightmare

  • PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch – Released in 2020
  • Terror
  • Developed by Tarsier Studios

The great taste that left us the original Little Nightmares of 2017 wants to take this time a step further with its terrifying second part. Already the first installment was a video game that called attention to its artistic direction and its careful visual and playable style, but the second part accompanies six of a new character although he retakes the oppressive feeling that there is no one who can take us out of his nightmare.

Orcs Must Die 3 – In War against the Orcs

  • Stadia – Launch in 2020
  • Torres Defense
  • Developed by Robot Entertainment

The Stadia event left us some important things in terms of news, but one of the shocking ones was the fact that Orcs Must Die 3 will be exclusive to Google’s streaming game platform. The video game still has something distant its launch, is to be determined in the year 2020, but the premiere of one of the legends of the genre Defense of Torres is great news for future users of this service.

Port Royale 4 – Return to the Colonial Era

  • PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch – Released in 2020
  • Strategy
  • Developed by Kalypso

The classic Port Royale saga returns to the load with a new installment of its management and civil strategy. It is a franchise where we must erect a commercial empire in the Caribbean Sea, and all this in the always fascinating and evocative colonial era, and fighting commercially with powers such as Spain, England, France or the Netherlands. Control a whole fleet of ships back then, and take on sophisticated turn-based battles.

Remothered Broken Porcelain – Another of Terror

  • PC, PS4, Xbox One – Third quarter of 2020
  • Terror and Mystery
  • Developed by Darril Arts and Stormind Games

After surprising us with Remothered Tormented Fathers, Darril Arts and Stormind Games return to the fray with a new horror game that they play as a sequel. Some mechanics of the title will be familiar to us, of course, but this new installment also has its own ideas to continue cultivating this dark world where terror and puzzles meet the most distressing environments.

Spacebase Startopia – To the conquest of space

  • PC, PS4, XOne and Switch – Released in 2020
  • Strategy and Management
  • Developed by Realmforge Studios

With people from Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital among their ranks, you already knew, more or less, what you could expect from Startopia in 2001. Well, now we have part two. The idea is once again to create an amusement park in space, which we must build and manage taking into account the smallest detail. With campaign, customizable sandbox mode and even several multiplayer options, it promises hours of entertainment for a while.

The Touryst – The Nintendo Indie World Star

  • Switch – Released in November 2019
  • Action and adventure
  • Developed by Shin’en

The great representative of the Indie World is probably this The Touryst. A game with a very careful aesthetic that comes from the creators of Fast RMX and that bets on action and adventures in a colorful world that keeps some aesthetic reminiscences with Minecraft. Charismatic characters and a journey full of exploration, challenges and distractions of all kinds are the keys to this fascinating journey.

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