Study trips: Where and How?

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Study trips are a time to have fun and learn new things at the same time. A foreign language you can study as much as you want, but if you don’t go there you will never be able to master it appreciably.

So, to try to improve, the best thing is to go to the place, and decide whether to opt for taking courses or to live for a few months in a city where the language you are interested in is spoken. In both cases, there may be such critical issues as to invalidate the ultimate purpose of the trip. However, it will be possible to remedy this problem by following a few simple steps, or rather by dealing with small steps. In this way it will be possible to have fun and get a better knowledge of the language.

Therefore, before going anywhere, plan your trip in every detail.

Study trips are useful for growing

The study trips are different from the other types of travel, because they put the individual in the condition to act in a completely different context than the usual one. You exit your own quiet area, going to get in the game completely.

In addition to improving the knowledge of one’s own language level, it is very useful to go abroad to create alternating schoolwork, so as to significantly improve the learning of the language in the round.

The possibility of getting by on one’s own is probably the best way to make one’s life a little more interesting, but for not having any unpleasant surprises the best thing is always to find out about the customs and laws of the place.

It is also necessary to scrupulously decide where to go. This has several positive aspects, including the possibility of taking on a responsibility, and knowing what you want to achieve from this journey.

If you choose instead to go to a school for foreigners, you can have greater security, because very often these institutions have a campus where students can spend a quiet and comfortable stay. In both cases, there are negative and other positive aspects, so it is good to know immediately which are the weak points and the strong points of this type of experience.

How to choose study trips

Deciding to take a study holiday is a very demanding choice, so it will be necessary to consider the various options available. It is possible to opt for various solutions, which however, as we have said previously, have positive and other negative points.

First, it is useful to know that it will be possible to be hosted in a family, in a college, in a residence or it is possible to provide accommodation alone. All these solutions have advantages and disadvantages, which will substantially change the journey.

If, in fact, you decide to be hosted in a family, the main advantage is to be sure of living in a private and quiet environment, with local people to talk to. However, it will be up to the guest to inform himself and respect the rules of the house, which depending on what they are, could be a heavy limitation.

The college is a great choice, because you can live within the community with clear advantages in terms of logistics and freedom in terms of incoming and outgoing times. The main problem of living in a college is the possible presence of other Italians, an aspect that could lead the student to speak mostly in his own language at the expense of the foreign one.

This would have a negative impact on the learning process, and the same goes for the residence. If, on the other hand, you decide to take care of all the aspects yourself, then you will need to pay more attention. For the first three points it is possible to turn to specialized agencies, which take charge of organizing the entire journey from the departure to the return taking all the paperwork.

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Study trips: languages and most popular cities

There are languages that are appreciated more than others. This is because they usually affect the future importance they have in unraveling their career. Here is what they are

  • French: Paris, Antibes and Biarritz.
  • English: Oxford, Bristol, London, Nottingham, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Malta, Dublin and Cork as far as Great Britain is concerned, and New York, Boston and Los Angeles as regards the United States of America.
  • Spanish: Valencia and Salamanca.
  • German: Cologne and Berlin.
  • Chinese: Shanghai.

At what age is study travel more convenient?

The minimum age for traveling to learn the language is eleven years, while there is no maximum age. If you decide to send a very young child, it is good to immediately put yourself in the hands of an association that is as credible as possible and with good reviews.

Furthermore, he does not always want to send his child very far from the area of residence and fortunately, there are quite close destinations. The closeness always inspires a certain security, which could make everything much simpler, at least in terms of morale. Whatever you decide to do, it is always a good idea not to face this adventure without having first very well calculated all the aspects.

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