How to Maximise Your Home Security

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Hearing that a neighbour has been burgled or being burgled yourself is scary to say the least. It is horrible knowing that a stranger has been inside your house or possibly watching you to see you when you were out of your home. Whether you lost many valuables or just had your house broken into, you’ll want to know how to maximise your home security to prevent it from happening again. I’ll share a few tips with you to hopefully ease your fears.

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Firstly, do not keep your valuables in places that are easy to see or find. Obviously, you’ll want to be able to find them yourself but it could be as simple as storing items in a safe, or keeping your phone or laptop hidden away from the front door at night.

Install house alarms and possibly a front door camera/ doorbell, which are big deterrents. You can also install motion activated lights outdoors which turn on when they detect movement outside in your garden or right outside your house.

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When you are away for an extended period of time, make sure your house does not look empty. Basically, don’t make it look obvious that no one is there. You can do this by asking your neighbours to collect your mail or mow your lawn. Leave your car in the same spot if you’re not going to take it with you. You could even leave a few lamps on around the house so it’s not completely dark.

Finally, make sure your windows are not so easy to break. If you don’t have it already, get double glazing windows. If you are looking for double glazing Cheltenham, I highly recommend Firmfix.


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