Unsatisfied customer, a good opportunity to build loyalty from the company!

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It seems an incongruity, and not easy either. How to retain a customer who is angry with your company, with your products and with the transport company? Simple is not, but not impossible. What if you make a call?

Obviously, you cannot call all the customers with whom an unforeseen arises. Although social networks are for it, but if we talk about a smaller company, it can be an odyssey. But the question is: Do you have problems of this kind on a daily basis? Are there annoying customers from Monday to Friday? No. So, a timely call is a good option.

It was never so easy to lose a customer

Today, losing a customer is as easy as snapping your fingers. There are many places to go and as a reader commented a few days ago, unless your local store is trades, your product is offered on the Internet so many companies that the customer has where to choose.

Therefore, a call on time, to stop exchanging emails that may cause more anger or rejection in the client, can be very well received. Especially if kindness is linked to the solution of the problem.

When that ‘ogre’ becomes a kind voice that solves problems

Conflicts when making a purchase are not usually related to the main company. A transport company, even a single delegation of that company, can spoil a good strategy around the product and the client.

When shopping is done online and a problem arises, putting a name and surname and also a friendly voice that calls you to talk about what has happened is something that is priceless.

The robotic responses for the client are cause for greater anger

I offer a solution and I put on your skin, the best way to build loyalty

It is not about having a half-hour conversation, but about giving all the pertinent explanations that the client needs. A customer who has been trusting your company for more than a year and is about to say goodbye.

Demonstrate with data that your case has been followed; using a gentle but firm tone as to when it comes to taking measures so that it does not happen again is effective. It works. Actually, we don’t want to be right, but to offer us a solution and some empathy.

Objective: That the customer see a product that can be found on the internet in half a second.

Before you didn’t have to make those sovereign efforts. Hence, those stores with an old mentality see the customer as a hindrance if a problem arises with a product or service that they offer is very bad.

If you see a buyer as a nuisance, a grounded complaint, such as a headache, the problem is the seller and the obvious result: goodbye to that customer of a lifetime. Without the need to get on your knees to apologize, in the middle there is virtue and if you notice that they are listening, you will give another chance. The added value of the product is the person behind it .

Seeing a client as a headache in the face of a complaint is a sign that you are not worth selling

A satisfied customer today is a speaker that will make you good publicity

As we said, it is not necessary to give anything away. If the company considers it appropriate. Because the return of the money before a bad experience not of purchase but of logistics in the distribution, can be easily forgotten if the refund is made facts and is aware that there has been a claim by the seller.

No one likes to waste time or money. So when some smaller organizations or stores fall into laziness and leave the customer complaining as if he preached in the desert, he sees a real oasis when he is well attended and above all, he is heard and not only limited to sending a questionnaire to evaluate the treatment received (has been bad, bad or the worst in the world).

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