10 tips to decorate small spaces

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Do you have a few meters and want to get the most out of them? Here are 10 simple and practical ideas to make the most of your spaces and make them look much bigger:

Natural lighttips to decorate small spaces

A well-lit room always seems wider, so try to clear the way in the windows, so that as much natural light as possible enters.

Use various points of artificial lighting. Try to keep the main light, the ceiling light, warm and, if it is a lamp, so that it does not hang too low. Direct some points of secondary light towards the ceiling, so you can get it away from the floor and the room will seem higher.

Light colorstips to decorate small spaces

Not just white! In general, all light colors help make spaces appear much wider as they better reflect light.

In small pieces try to use a maximum of three colors and also that these are smooth, that is, they do not have prints, at least on the walls and upholstery of large furniture, such as sofas or down.

Glass and acrylic objectstips to decorate small spaces

Glass and transparent materials let light pass and also do not take up much visual space. They are perfect for a small department!

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Strategically placed mirrors will help your spaces look bigger, as you can see in our previous post My Favorites Home: Mirrors. A maxi mirror is a perfect ally to give depth to dining rooms and living rooms. You can even leave it on the floor and leaning against the wall.

Optical illusionstips to decorate small spaces

A good trick to make your spaces look spacious is to create optical sensations. For example, if you choose long and narrow furniture that directs the view upwards, you will be able to generate the sensation of height.

Round table for your dining room

Round tables, without corners, are ideal for small spaces. Mainly because its contours look less aggressive and occupy much less visually. Also, they are more practical because in the same space you can seat more people.

Different environments

Just because your apartment is small does not mean that you cannot have different areas in it. The important thing is that you use less conventional and lighter visible spacers. For example, you prefer sliding doors over normal ones; use screens or glass partitions to divide spaces, and use rugs to create separate decorative islands.

More is less, less is more

If you have a few meters this should be your maxim in decoration: “less is more”. Avoid recharging the rooms with many decorative objects, and above all, when shopping, avoid furniture and lamps that are too large.

Multifunctional and modular furniture

Foolproof allies for small houses! Multifunctional are a great resource when it comes to saving space and modular ones have the great advantage of being versatile. You can also put them in any space in the house!

Hidden spaces

Finally, try to take advantage of the gaps behind or under beds, stairs, or sofas. You can use them to store out-of-season clothes, toys that your children useless, or even Christmas decorations! This way you will not waste a single centimeter.

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