Decor pieces to incorporate in your house for a unique vibe

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If you’re the kind of person who gets excited about interior design and you’re always on the lookout for unique pieces to add to your home, this is the perfect article for you. Sometimes, arranging a place can be scary, as you want everything to look good together and to be coordinated. But a good interior design doesn’t mean that everything has to match and be the same aesthetic. In this article, we put together some suggestions of unique pieces that can be incorporated into your home to give it that quirky touch and take it out of the ordinary. You can adapt these suggestions to the color palette that you have for a more complementary style. Read along and check out Architectural Digest for more tips on house decor.


Let’s start from the ground up. A perfect way to add some originality to your place is to have fun with the carpets in your house. This will grab the attention right from the start and give your home that statement piece that everyone loves. You can look for some super colorful carpets if you want to add a pop of color. Make sure the color goes with everything else. You can also opt for a carpet that is shaped in an interesting way. Wiggly shaped carpets are very popular right now so you can find them everywhere. To tie the whole house together, add an accent carpet in every room, for continuity.


We all know those libraries in every living room, and besides books, there has to be something else that we display on the multiple shelves we’ve got. A great way to accessorize your bookshelves is by finding unique pottery pieces. They can be cultural pieces as Irish Pottery, that have a story behind them. Or you can go for color again, that always works. Another great idea is a popular trend right now as well, food shaped pottery. This will give your guests something to talk about whenever they come over to your place. All of these would look great in a simply decorated living room, for that unique touch.

Gallery walls

The best hack when it comes to home decor is this last one. Whenever there’s an empty space that needs filling, go for a gallery wall. This gives you the freedom to do anything you want with that space, and it’s also fun to plan. Gallery walls can be simple, colorful, abstract, full of meaning or any other way you can think of. There’s no rule with this, other than choosing the frames right. Make sure all of them work together and it doesn’t look too crowded. Other than that, have lots of fun with it!


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