Start running today: No Excuses!

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If you really want to start running, you should know that this exercise will allow you to keep fit, improve your health and even get better with yourself; all this thanks to the fact that it will lead you to focus on yourself and give value to your goals.

But if your concern is that you don’t know where to start and at what pace, we will support you not only in your first steps, but also to keep the right motivation.

Find out everything you need to know before you start running.

The right motivation

It is likely that you have tried several times, but in the end, you have abandoned the company. Perhaps your work worries, your home, your family, occupy your day, leaving little free space in your routine; for this or other reasons, do not follow up on your decision to start running.

Running is one of the most dynamic activities in the world. At the same time, it allows us to take a brisk walk and meditate on the way. This is an activity that allows us to challenge ourselves and to fight against our mind to prove that we can do it. It also favors the lengthening of all the limbs, so the training will be fairly complete.

It is an exercise for the body and the mind, so your self-esteem will grow. However, remember that starting from scratch is a time-consuming process.

First, you have to start working progressively, so that this activity becomes part of your routine, until your body and your mind are asking for it. This is due to the fact that the muscles need time to reach a certain degree of elasticity and strength and therefore to run; and in the same way the heart and the lungs will ask for it.

7 factors to consider to start running

If you are starting from scratch, it is important that you learn to divide your training into different stages. And please: do not compare with anyone, because each of us has a different physical form; you, at least, have already gotten up from the couch and are going to start running. Having said that, you need to pay attention to the following points.

Your personal rhythm

It is not a question of strictly respecting a specific timetable or a specific number of kilometers. The basic concept is that you yourself understand when and how much to advance or if it is rather necessary to change course.

Learn to decipher the signals of your body, based on the effort required, but try not to go along with it always: remember that it takes little to trigger an internal conflict, with a part of you that would like to go back and lie down on the sofa.

Fight against excuses

One of the first challenges that comes soon is the following: “I can’t train because I don’t have suitable clothes or shoes”. To start, you won’t need athletic clothing, but only a pair of comfortable and sufficiently resistant shoes .

As for clothing, it must be light; and even if the market offers various options for fashionable sportswear, in your case the important thing is to start running. After all, the only thing you need to run is that you wear comfortable clothes.

If you already have clothes, shirts, overalls, leggings or shorts and shoes that you feel comfortable with, these will already be enough for your body to adapt and maintain that natural movement necessary for running.

Get to know your body

Professional riders use specific devices to monitor their body activity. To start with, there is nothing better than using your watch or a natural indicator; that is to say that in this second case your body itself will send you signals when it needs you to lower or raise the pace. You just have to pay attention to these signals.

For this reason, running must include an active collaboration between body and mind; for this, you should train yourself based on your body’s responses, because this will ask you for periods of rest or rest.


Start moving before you start running!   Warming up is a fundamental part of training to prevent injury. Start by drawing circles with fists, arms and feet for a few minutes. It will be sufficient before starting the route.

These stretching exercises have the goal of reactivating your circulation in the joints and ensuring that your body warms up due to increased activity.


Keeping yourself hydrated is vital for training; your body will ask you. But don’t overdo it: drink only when your body is thirsty, and this is because an excess of water can cause damage by causing abdominal pains while you are running.


Before you start running, eat fruit to avoid nausea. Doing this will give you the necessary energy required by your body. To give you an idea of the right portion, the ideal one must enter the fist of your hand.

Action plan

Organize your routine. Establish an action plan based on a well-defined timetable, based on the following points:

  • What is the ideal time to start running? In the afternoon or early in the morning.
  • Which route do you want to follow, which route and how far do you want to travel?
  • Record your progress: it’s always a good way to set new goals.
  • Alternate walks to a run.
  • Take a break one day a week.

Remember that you are investing in your health, which will bring short and long-term benefits. Step by step, you will become part of a community of people who have the same objective and this will strengthen your motivation and your desire to continue.

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