Kindness changes the day … and life!

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Learn to become kind and find yourself stronger: yes, because being kind reduces stress and benefits the entire immune system, thanks to the good hormone

Being kind is a way of life and thought. It happens when we hit someone and we are ready to apologize, whenever, in the hurry of the days, we find time to look around and help when needed.

Authentic kindness is a vibration of the heart: it is a profound respect for what surrounds us, a hymn to life.

Kindness as a therapy

Everyone has to face a black day, one of those where the only dream is to take refuge among the blankets as quickly as possible. Have you ever noticed that just when the mood is on the ground, there are smiles that can enter your heart and touch you inside?

Small gestures of strangers who, by chance, enter our lives and manage to change our mood, even for a moment.

At the end of the nineties, in fact, studies on the brain have come to interesting reflections: it is thanks to an Italian research team led by Professor Giacomo Rizzolatti, the discovery of mirror neurons, which are activated whenever someone does a certain action in front to an observer.

Smiling is contagious, even from the scientific point of view! Rediscovering your kindness helps, you gain strength and security, that’s why.

Sharing makes you live better

According to a recent survey, negative news creates a kind of addiction because of which we are not surprised about anything. But the images on the screens are people in flesh bones, we see them every day: they have the face of the neighbor, the look of those we know or have not yet met. Even when you’re in a hurry, don’t forget to look around and see if you can help.

It is the thrill of emotion and fulfillment of when you find yourself on the street and, despite the problems of the day, you can see what surrounds you: the gesture of unexpected kindness that takes the supply and softens the bitterness of everyday life.

Become kind heroines

Kindness is often seen and mistaken for weakness, indecision, insecurity, but it is far from this. On the contrary, authentic kindness is a physical and spiritual trainingwith revolutionary power, it reduces stress and anxiety, it reduces roles, enters the difficult dynamic of hierarchies realizing gratuitousness, lightness, spontaneity.

Do you remember the heroes of ancient fairy tales? Plagued by stepmothers and despots, hunted, obstructed, the princesses of fairy tales are noble in their soul, that’s the real moral that they teach. The ability to remain true to oneself , honest, whole is an expression of an  inner strength  capable of unhinging prejudice, the energy that allows one to cross storms with the calm of a smile within oneself.

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A kind gesture is a gift for oneself and for others

“Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see”, writes Mark Twain in a famous phrase.

Arrogance and lack of patience turn the days into a battlefield, but when the opportunity is given to get out of indifference to realize the world around us, a radical transformation happens, because for a moment the self-reference stops to give space to the other.

Getting out of the sphere of the ego for a moment and taking into consideration the needs of others, with spontaneous gratuitousness, puts a distance with respect to one’s own concerns and helps to re-contextualize problems.

Give the positive example

The best teaching method is the example: children observe and follow our behaviors, beyond what we say. Actions make the difference: through gestures, we convey thoughts, values and beliefs.

According to a survey carried out at the faculty of psychology of Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, children who are able to feel stronger gratitude not only have a successful school life, but show that they are happier in relationships.

Be kind to yourself, teach children to be kind and to love the world and remember to help as soon as you can, even if it’s just a comforting smile or lifting too heavy a suitcase. The little things have tremendous value because only great sensitivity can sense them and see them.

The challenge? “Looking beyond ourselves , beyond the borders of different countries, beyond our cultures, ethnic groups and religions to realize that we are all citizens of the world and that, as such, we have  spaces and presences to share , we have public places to take care of, of the animals to be protected, a system to preserve and men to welcome and value”. The words of the Gentletude association, part of the World Movement for Kindness, vibrate stronger than ever.

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